lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Carne de cañón judía

Si esto es cierto, demuestra la infinita capacidad de cinismo y crueldad del régimen de los ayatolás.
Israel is prepared to handle this week’s “Global March to Jerusalem,” officials said on Sunday, as organizers plan a multi-pronged rush on the country’s borders to mark the 36th anniversary of Land Day on Friday.

El régimen iraní presionó a la aterrorizada pequeña comunidad de judíos iraníes a formar parte de la marcha:
This month, the GMJ website claimed a Jewish-Iranian umbrella group had thrown its support behind the marches. “We the Iranian Jewry alongside the strata of Iranian people, under the guidance of the leadership, announce that we shall fight against imperialism and Zionism until all the lawful rights of the valiant nation of Palestine are met,” the Society of Iranian Jews was quoted as saying.

“We the Iranian Jewry would also like to show the disassociation of the anti-humanitarian works committed by the occupying Israeli regime and their usurping army with the commandments of divine laws of Prophet Moses (P.B.U.H). We would like to show our support with all those who desire the lawful rights of the valiant nation of Palestine,” the group said.

Y entonces esto:
DEBKAfile reported on Friday that Hussein Sheikholeslam – an Iranian parliamentarian it describes as one of the march’s organizers – instructed Jewish leaders to provide 10 men aged 18 to 22 to be given “the honor” of acting as the vanguard in breaking through the Lebanese-Israeli border fence. The report – which could not be independently verified – quoted Iranian sources as saying authorities may have demanded the inclusion of Jewish marchers so Israeli soldiers would be constrained from opening fire.

No sé si es verdad, ya se sabrá, pero no me extrañaría nada. Carne de cañón judía para defender los "derechos" palestinos. La teocracia iraní, señores. Los nazis de nuestra era (me hace recordar a los judíos como trabajadores esclavos en las fábricas de armamento alemán durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Muchos de éllos murieron bajo las bombas aliadas.)